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Over time, she will begin to reach out to you in between those dates, and that is your cue to make the next date. Read coach corey Wayne’s 3% man book and understand a males kind in dating and also a woman’s mind! The majority of Men and women are clueless how dating and attraction work.

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If you can weed someone out on the phone, you don’t have to waste time in person, and you don’t have to spend money on them. The reality is, women will do most of the calling, texting and pursuing. Obviously, you haven’t read the book yet, but you need to so you can learn the fundamentals. You can learn why I teach what I teach. The idea is, if a woman is chasing and pursuing you, trying to get a hold of you, wants to see you and misses you, you don’t ever have to worry about getting dumped. Okay, well, maybe not that last part.

It has nothing to do with hypergamy and that red pilled nonsense that most of these idiots are pushing that don’t know their asshole from a hole in the ground when it comes to women. In other words, “I want you as my backup plan, in case it doesn’t work out with Chad Thundercock.” That’s what she’s really saying. Well, you’re still going to be the leader. You’re still going to come up with dating ideas.

Depending on the woman, sometimes it might be 15–20 minutes that we talk and then we arrange a date to get together, and other times I’ll talk to up to 45 minutes to an hour, because I’m not so sure I want to meet her. In reality, the thought is never that we will agree with every single thing the person writes or speaks in their content – and certainly we will not agree with everything the person does in their own life. After all, each of those individuals is a flawed human. They each have moments they’re not proud of, and they have “off days”, just like the rest of us. Just one thing from their book or YouTube video that actually helps us live life more skillfully – that is a big huge deal.

And then we use logic and reason to justify those decisions. Yeah, that’s about 80% of the guys that come to me. They were dating somebody or in a relationship, something went sideways, and they’re trying to re-attract them. Life is hard enough with everything going on outside in the real world and the people that you’re going to encounter, you definitely want somebody at home, somebody that’s your teammate, that just makes things easy. You don’t want to put up with drama, or crap, or nonsense, because it just makes life infinitely that much harder.

And let’s be honest u probably don’t even like her like that u just wanna fuck her. I would say forget them and move tf on but we both know you’re not going to. I don’t know why women are so scared of making the first step, just about every man has done it dozens of times and most of us survived rejection. You gotta learn how to talk to the opposite gender.

Advice pls – I made most of the mistakes listed in the book. Is this recoverable?

Women can feel the difference between needy and “indifference”. Any sign of needy in any way and you are gone – sometimes slow sometimes quick. The more beautiful and desirable the girl is compared to you, the harder it’s gonna be. So for me, I have little problem getting with 7s or 8s (I am a 7-8 in terms of physical attractiveness alone, if I had to be a douche and rate myself). They just fall right into my lap with little effort on my part, even if I say and do objectively stupid things. But if I slip just a little bit with a 9 or a 10, I’m out.

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And it wasn’t until they actually started living in the city, where she’s literally five minutes down the road from him, that he really got to see what she is like. So, it’s always going to be better for the vetting process if the woman lives in your city and she’s within a half hour car, or train, or bus ride away from where you happen to live. In this video coaching newsletter, I discuss an email success story from a guy who shares his vetting process with 3 different women he dated since discovering my work.

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That’s why she wanted you as a friend. Plus, she liked the attention and validation. But you’re able to get away with it because you did take a few days. But again, the problem is you’re constantly giving up all the leverage here. And there’s another guy in the picture. Photo by iStock/jeffbergenAgain, like I said, if you act like a bitch, women will treat you like a bitch.

You should stick to what 7 Principles To Get An Ex Back” says. That means she should be earning another chance with you, not the other way around. Therefore, 100% of the pursuing is done by her, three dates in a row, at your place, to make dinner together in the evening. And as long as you hook up all three times, then you can meet her out, you can pick her up, you can go to dinner or go bowling, or whatever it is you’re going to do. You should be following what’s in “7 Principles To Get An Ex Back,” not treating her like somebody you just started dating. Photo by iStock/interstidYour game’s got to be tight, dude.

Because when you invite a woman over to make dinner together in the evening, it prevents her from wasting your time if she’s not really sincere and not really feeling like she wants to be with you. Because women know that if they come over to your house in the evening to make dinner together, that sex and romance are on the table. And so, this prevents her from wasting your time, jerking you around, and giving you a really bad case of blue balls.

Maybe after the kids have gone to bed, you each have a glass of wine together and maybe a dessert, and just talk — just like a normal date. Because a lot of people that are in relationships that have kids often make the mistake of, they stop dating and courting each other. Photo by you talk to women too much on the phone, you’ll talk them out of liking you, while other guys are using the phone to set dates, take them out and seduce them.