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V. Response to Key Comments

The EPA is finalizing a partial approval of Wisconsin’s interstate transport SIP submission for the 2015 ozone NAAQS as to prong 1 and a partial disapproval as to prong 2. This section describes the air quality modeling and analyses that the EPA performed in Step 1 to identify locations where the Agency expects there to be nonattainment or maintenance receptors for the 2015 ozone NAAQS in 2023. Where the EPA’s analysis shows that an area or site does not fall under the definition of a nonattainment or maintenance receptor in 2023, that site is excluded from further analysis under the EPA’s good neighbor framework.

The modeled versus monitored ozone value may differ by 2 ppb but that is a relatively small percentage of the total modeled ozone, which for a receptor of interest would be on the order of 70 ppb. The EPA’s development of and reliance on newer modeling to confirm modeling used at the proposal stage is in no way improper and is simply another iteration of the EPA’s longstanding scientific and technical work to improve our understanding of air quality issues and causes going back decades. Where the 2016v3 modeling produced a potentially different outcome for states from proposal, that is reflected in this action ( e.g.,our deferral of final action on Tennessee and Wyoming’s SIP submissions).

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The EPA disagrees with Utah’s arguments for application of a higher contribution threshold than 1 percent of the NAAQS at Step 2. Utah suggested in its SIP submission that interstate transport is fundamentally different in the western U.S. than in the eastern U.S., an argument we have previously rejected and respond to further in Section V.C.3. The State did not conduct an adequate Step 3 analysis. The EPA finds technical and legal flaws in the State’s arguments related to relative contribution, international and non-anthropogenic emissions, and the relationship of upwind versus downwind-state responsibilities. The EPA further addresses the topics of international emissions in Section V.C.2 and wildfires in the RTC document. The EPA also confirmed in the proposed SIP submission disapproval that several anticipated controls identified by Utah were included in the 2016v2 modeling, and yet Utah was still linked in that modeling.

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Circuit in EME Homer City II. That is, monitoring sites with a maximum design value that exceeds the NAAQS are projected to have maintenance problems in the future analytic years. The commercial marine vessel emissions in the 2016 base case emissions inventory for this action were based on those in the 2017 NEI. Factors were applied to adjust the 2017 NEI emissions backward to represent emissions for the year 2016. The CMV emissions are consistent with the emissions for the 2016v1 platform CMV emissions released in February 2020 although, in response to comments, the EPA implemented an improved process for spatially allocating CMV emissions along state and county boundaries for the modeling supporting this final action. The EPA used a 4-step interstate transport framework (or 4-step framework) to evaluate each state’s implementation plan submission addressing the interstate transport provision for the 2015 ozone NAAQS. Non-EGU point source emissions are mostly consistent with those in the proposal modeling except where they were updated in response to comments.

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The EPA further evaluated TCEQ’s technical arguments in the Evaluation of TCEQ Modeling TSD. In comment on the proposal, Texas pointed to differences in linkages in the EPA’s 2011-based modeling and 2016v2 modeling. The EPA addressed the change in identified linkages between the 2011-based modeling and the 2016v2 modeling in the proposed SIP submission disapproval, and further responds to comments on the use of updated modeling in Section V.A.4. The State did not conduct an adequate Step 3 analysis. The EPA found technical flaws in Texas’s arguments related to “consistent and persistent” claims and its other assessments, including analysis of back trajectories. We provide further response to comments regarding Texas’s SIP submission in the RTC document. The EPA is finalizing disapproval of Texas’s interstate transport SIP submission for the 2015 ozone NAAQS. As explained in Section II, the EPA relies on the 4-step interstate transport framework to evaluate obligations under CAA section 110.

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Apsley Station to Albany Leisure Centre

The 2023 onroad emissions reflect projected changes to fuel properties and usage, along with the impact of the rules included in MOVES3 for each of those years. MOVES emissions factors for the year 2023 were used. The VMT were held flat from 2019 to 2021 to account for pandemic impacts, and then projected from 2021 to 2023 using AEO 2022-based factors. Recent updates to inspection and maintenance programs in North Carolina and Tennessee were reflected in the MOVES inputs for the modeling supporting this final action. The 2023 onroad mobile emissions were computed within SMOKE by multiplying the respective emissions factors developed using MOVES with the year-specific activity data.

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